About Us

Interdisciplinary in orientation, the Department currently offers courses in five subjects: Economics, English Literature and Linguistics, Philosophy, Psychology and Sociology. Whatever their individual branches of scholarship, it is the concern of all faculty teaching in these areas to continue to meet and to extend the intellectual challenges projected in the charter of the IITs. At the same time, we remain conscious of our especial obligations to address the social needs of India.

Unlike faculty in more conventional universities, we have the distinction of operating within a premier technological institute and spending time with every student who comes to IIT Delhi. It is in this respect that we feel particularly well-equipped to contribute to a science, arts and ethics dialogue across cultural boundaries.

Original contributions to research and to ongoing debates in ethics, cultural anthropology, critical theory, cognition, ideology, development policy, organizational behavior and economic activity, environmental and gender studies, the history of science and technology, the philosophy of culture, and indeed to the nature of theory itself are crucial within a Department like ours.

Teaching methods in HUSS emphasize the discursive mode and interpersonal contact between faculty and students both at the UG and PG levels. The ‘Communication Skills’ course is only one such example of our efforts to foster social and intellectual self-confidence in our students.