Areas of Specialisation, PhD admission

Areas of Specialisation (PhD admission for July 2018)

Positive Psychology, Social Psychology, Intergroup relations, Social identity, Group based emotions, Intergroup contact and social change, Stigma and wellbeing, Leadership, Cognition, Emotion, Judgement and Decision Making.

No intake in Policy Studies in this admission cycle (July 2018)

Agrarian Studies, Anthropology of the State, Dalit and Tribal Studies, Development Studies, Environmental Sociology, Globalization, Migration, New Media Studies, Political Sociology/Anthropology, Sociology of Culture, Sociology of Food and Nutrition, Sociology of Movements, Sociology of Religion, Sociological Theory, Urban Sociology

Moral, Political, and Legal philosophy, Metaphysics of the Self, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophical Aesthetics, Philosophy of Mind and Cognition, Philosophy of Culture and History, Contemporary Thought and Intellectual History, Deep Ecology, Buddhism/and Politics, Exile and Travel, Religion and Politics, Peace Studies, Tibetan Literature and Politics, Ethnicities and Margins, Children and Literature.

Culture Studies, Gender Studies, Performance and Theatre Studies, Digital Humanities, Modernist and Postmodernist Literature, Indian English Theatre, Indian Writing in English, Contemporary Fiction, Postcolonial Literature, Philosophy of Literature

Phonology, Comparative Syntax, Theoretical/Formal Syntax, Psycholinguistics, Language Acquisition, Computational linguistics

Quality of Official Statistics, Comparative Social Policy, Game Theory and Social Choice Theory, Structural Change and Endogenous Growth.