Advanced Growth Theory

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HUL 737
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Either HUL736 or HUL738 or HUL755 or HUL756 or HUL762 or any other 7** level economics course.

Course Objective

Primary objective of this course is to introduce students with the process of economic growth and the long run sources of differences in economic performances across nations. Emphasis will be placed on developing theoretical toolkits in understanding growth mechanics. It is intended that this course will make students learn some of the workhorse models in modern macroeconomics, namely – Solow model, Neo-classical model, overlapping generations’ model, models with technological change and technology adoption etc.
This course is primarily aimed toward the M.A. and Ph.D. research scholars in Economics and related disciplines. Students need to have background in economics (especially in macroeconomics at the bachelor level). Students other than Economics background should consult the instructors before registering for this course.


Course Content

1. Basic facts of growth and development (Indian and world experience).

2. Solow Growth model
3. Growth models with consumer optimization (Ramsey model)
4. Models with expanding product varieties
5. Models with quality ladder.
6. Models with public goods and growth
7. Factor accumulation and growth, role of human capital, Technology transfer and growth.

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