Performance/ Theatre: Theory/ Practice

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HSL 836
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Course Objective

The course would introduce the student to the theories of performance and a selection of theatrical practices. Reading theatrical perspectives on the study of performances, alongside studying the development of theatre practices and the insights offered by various theatre practitioners would prepare the student for studying the performative.

Course Content

The course will look upon performance practices both within and beyond the theatre viz. the spectacular, the digital media, sports etc. It will take the students through a variety of performance practices in India and across the world. The history of the development of performance forms and conditions of performance would be studied. Special focus would be on the theorisation of theatre and performance both by theatre practitioners and those emanating from the area of Performance Studies. The role of performance in maintaining and countering relations of power would be explored. Students would be required to observe, study and analyse live performances as part of the course.

Suggested Reading List

Suggested (from among the following):
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