Political Economy of Development

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Any ONE of: HUL211, HUL212, HUL213, HUL311, HUL312, HUL314, HUL318, HUL320, HUL271, HUL272, HUL275, HUL281, HUL286, HUL289, HUL310

Course Objective

This course provides a political economy perspective on economic growth and development, drawing both from the Indian and international experiences. It discusses development histories, contemporary economic issues, and also future economic challenges. The topics covered include industrialization, economic planning, international trade, financial crises, poverty, and labour migration.

Course Content

The course will be a survey on the theories and issues related to the political economy of development. It discusses the emergence of industrial capitalism in Europe and North America, as well as its spread to third world countries since the mid-twentieth century. The course will deal with contemporary issues such as the growth of international trade and finance, the emergence of China as a global economic power, and the crisis in global capitalism that deepened since 2008. Issues related to human development, labour rights, migration and environmental sustainability will also be covered.
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