Psychological Testing & Behavioral Assessment

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HUL 711
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Course Objective

The concept of Behavioral Assessment: Uses and Varieties of Psychological Tests, Why Control the use of Psychological Tests? Test Administration, Examiner and Situational Variables and Effects of Training on Test Performance. Technical and Methodological Principles: Test Construction, Norms and The Meaning of Test Scores, Reliability and its Types, Validity and its Basic Concepts and Item Analysis. Other Techniques of Behavioral Assessment: Interview, Questionnaire and Schedule, Content Analysis, Observation as a tool of data collection, Rating Scales, Survey and Projective Techniques. Brief Review of some Selected Psychological Tests and Concluding Comments. Ethical and Social Considerations in Testing: Ethical Issues in Behavioral Assessment. User Qualifications and Professional Competence, Responsibility of Test Publishers, Protection of Privacy, Confidentiality and Communicating Test Results.

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