GIAN Course on "Religion, Democracy and Violence"

Event Speaker: 
Prof. Vedi R. Hadiz and Dr Sarbeswar Sahoo
Event Time: 
08:27 AM to 12:27 PM
Event Venue: 
Bhrati Building Room 301

The subject examines, in comparative perspective, the relationship between religion and violence in contemporary societies, but especially in democratic contexts. It has been assumed in the past that democracy would confer ‘moderating’ influences that would weaken any existing relationship between religion and a propensity for violent politics. However, today we see that religious politics and violence can go together – and even become mutually reinforcing – often in the course of democratic competition. Several case studies are analysed, especially Indonesia, Turkey and India.

1. Provide an understanding of the relationship between religion and profane conflicts over power and resources in modern societies
2. Provide an understanding of the circumstances within which religious political movements can adopt violent strategies
3. Provide an understanding of how religious politics and violence may become mutually reinforcing, even in democratic contexts.

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