Sumitava Mukherjee

Sumitava Mukherjee
Assistant Professor
CV Summary: 

Sumitava Mukherjee is an Assistant Professor of Psychology whose area of work is human judgment and decision making with implications for information design. He has been involved with studying the cognitive processes underlying multiple types of decision making that include economic and prosocial with a focus on how people attend, cognize and act on the information in any given situation. His broad research interest is in affective valuation, preference and choice and has been supported by grants by the Department of Science and Technology's cognitive science initiative of the Government of India. He is also interested in large-scale  studies that test theories and in efforts to explore ecological situated cognition. Dr. Mukherjee has been an associate editor for Frontiers in Psychology (specialist section: Cognitive Science) and a reviewer for multiple journals in management and psychology. He has been a member of Association for Psychological Science, USA; Society for Judgment and Decision Making; National Academy of Psychology in India and inducted as a professional member in Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). Dr. Mukherjee has been on the executive committee of National Academy of Psychology and Cultural Evolution Society. More details are available on his website

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