Sumitava Mukherjee

Sumitava Mukherjee
Assistant Professor
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Sumitava Mukherjee is an Assistant Professor of Psychology who studies cognitive processes underlying human judgment and  decision making (JDM). His current interest is in cognitive aspects of numbers / magnitudes with implications for descriptive theories in decision making and applications in information design or cognition-technology interaction. His research has been supported by grants by the Department of Science and Technology's cognitive science initiative of the Government of India. He is also interested in large-scale  studies that test theories and in efforts to explore ecological situated judgments and decisions.  Dr. Mukherjee has been an associate editor for Frontiers in Psychology (specialist section: Cognitive Science) and a reviewer for multiple journals in management and psychology. He has been a member of Association for Psychological Science, USA; Society for Judgment and Decision Making; National Academy of Psychology in India and inducted as a professional member in Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). More details are available on his website

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