International Conference
January 22-23, 2018
Department of Humanities & Social Sciences, IIT Delhi
in collaboration with ICSSR and Institut Français, Delhi

ORGANISING COMMITTEE: Bijoy Boruah, C. A. Tomy, Divya Dwivedi

This conference gathers scholars across humanities and social science disciplines into a philosophical meditation on how different disciplines view the present: the conception of the present in social science (particularly anthropology, history, political theories think of the present), the presupposition regarding the nature of present in the present day practice of the politics, technology’s approach and attitude towards present, and metaphysical theories of the present. It will also be concerned with the disappearance of the divisions and boundaries both in academic disciplines and in politics, which is related to the future of the academy and of politics.
The conference seeks to bring before ourselves the meaning of “the present” today—the present of the day—for our difficult juncture. The difficulty and the conjuncture refer to the technological appropriation of all that matters, political divisions of the left and the right appearing to be meaningless, the phenomenon in politics which demands instant action which is widely known as populism, the disappearance of episteme from the universities to the corporations and much more.



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Supported by:

Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

Institut Francais en Inde

Indian Council of Social Science Research-Northern Regional Centre

Centre for Social Sciences and Humanities