Nazia Amin
Research Area: Psychoanalysis, Literature, Gender, Political Philosophy
Academic Background:

MA in Psychology, Delhi University

Email: naziaamin [at] gmail[dot]com |
Neaketa Chawla
Research Area: Microeconomics, Industrial Organisation
Academic Background:

MA in Economics, University of Hyderabad

Email: niketachawla [at] gmail[dot]com |
Neha Gupta
Research Area: Sociology of Education
Academic Background:

MA in Sociology, Delhi University

Email: huz138143 [at] iitd[dot]ac[dot]in | Website
Neha Singh
Research Area: Digital Humanities
Academic Background:

MPhil in English, Jamia Millia Islamia
MA in English, Delhi University
BA in English, Delhi University

Email: nehasingh09 [at] gmail[dot]com |
Neisetuonuo Tep
Research Area: Economy and Development Topics of Nagaland
Academic Background:

MA in Economics, IDOL, Gauhati University

Email: neise01ts [at] gmail[dot]com |
Nisha Dhawan
Research Area: Women in Non-Traditional Work in India: A Sociological Study
Academic Background:

BA (Honours) McGill University, Montreal Canada: International Politics and Women’s Studies
MSc. London School of Economics and Political Science: Gender, Development and Globalisation

Email: Nisha.dhawan [at] gmail[dot]com |
Nivida Chandra
Research Area: Human Development, Psychoanalysis and Object Relations, Parenting, Child Neglect, Attachment Patterns
Academic Background:

BA in Applied Psychology, University of Delhi
MA in Psychology, University of Delhi

Email: nivida.chandra [at] gmail[dot]com | Website
Parul Gupta
Research Area: Development Economics
Academic Background:

MA in Economics, Johns Hopkins University
MSc in Economics, TERI University
BA in Economics, Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi University

Email: parul788 [at] gmail[dot]com | Website
Research Area: Micro Economics and Political Economy
Academic Background:

MA in Economics, Hyderabad Central University
BA in Economics, Delhi University

Email: Prakriti.Joshi [at] hss[dot]iitd[dot]ac[dot]in |
Pratikkumar Chikhaliya
Research Area: Syntax, Complement Clauses and Complementation Strategies in Gujarati, Marked Case and Object-verb Agreement, sentential structural processing
Academic Background:

MA in Applied Linguistics, UOH
MPhil in Applied Linguistics, UOH

Email: Prtkc2009 [at] gmail[dot]com | Website