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Ph.D. Admission: Frequently Asked Questions


The information provided here is suggestive only. It may not be updated regularly. Please check IIT Delhi admission website (or prospectus for the current admission session) for updated information.



  1. What is the procedure for selecting the candidates?

    1. Applications will be shortlisted on the basis of the shortlisting criteria that will be announced after the closing date for applications.

    2. Shortlisted candidates would be invited to appear for a written test at the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences.

    3. In the Written Test candidates will have to answer ANY ONE of the following question papers: Economics, Linguistics, Literature, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, Technology in Society.

    4. There will be further shortlisting on the basis of the performance in the written test.

    5. Those shortlisted after the written test would have to appear for an interview.

    6. The written test and the interview will be scheduled on the same day or at most within two days.

    7. Shortlisted candidates would also be required to submit a short Research Proposal two weeks before the written test and interview. Submissions will be called for by email.

  2. What are the areas of research (PhD program) offered by the department?
    Please see the following link for up to date list of areas offered in the current admission cycle.

  3. When are admissions for the Ph.D. Programme held?
    Admissions to the Ph.D. Programme at the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) at IIT Delhi are held once a year. Applications are usually invited in March each year and the selection process is completed in May. Intake in particular academic fields will be determined by the advertisement that is put out each time.

  4. How does one apply?
    Applications are to be made online at on the IITD website> Admissions> PG Admissions . Help regarding general procedures for completing the application and can be found here. Certain norms may differ for the HSS.

  5. What is the percentage marks required for admission to the Ph.D. Programme at the HSS?
    The institute minimum criteria for PhD applicants is at least 60% (SC/ST 55%) marks on the aggregate in the MA degree or equivalent. The department reserves the right to opt for a higher criteria for a particular round of admissions.

  6. I am in the final semester of my Masters/ The results of the qualifying degree are still awaited. Am I eligible for the written test/ interview?
    According to the IIT Delhi PhD Information Brochure:
    "Candidates in the final year of their programmes and who expect to complete all their qualifying degree requirements before the date of registration are also eligible to apply for admissions. For short-listing purposes, their performance until the preceding semester (preceding year if their programmes are year based) would be considered but their admission would be provisional, subject to their meeting the minimum eligibility criteria after their final qualifying examination results are announced."

  7. What are the additional necessary qualifications for a Full Time Ph.D. Programme?
    You need to have qualified for the UGC NET / JRF or GATE examination. This will entitle the student to a fellowship and the student would be assigned as a Teaching Assistant for the HSS faculty. There is no provision for a self-financed Full Time PhD registration at IIT Delhi.

  8. In which disciplines do I have to qualify NET/GATE for full time PhD.?
    The candidate can qualify NET/ GATE in any discipline.

  9. If I have a qualified GATE score and have a 3-year UG degree (B.A./ B.Sc./etc.), am I eligible to apply for Ph.D.?
    No. Only those who have completed a Masters Degree (M.A./M.Sc./etc.)  or B.Tech degree are eligible to apply for the Ph.D. programme at the Dept of HSS. Note that this degree requirement is part of eligibility criteria and hence the minimum marks mentioned earlier on this page also need to be met, in addition, to have qualified a national level exam like UGC NET or GATE.

  10. I have qualified GATE/NET/JRF. Do I need to appear for the Entrance Examination for the Ph.D. programme?
    Yes. All shortlisted candidates will have to appear for the Written Entrance Examination.

  11. What are the additional necessary qualifications for a Part Time Ph.D. Programme?
    You need to have a minimum of two years of work experience and would be required to submit a No Objection Certificate (NoC) from the employer at the time of admissions. Details of the NoC can be found in the prospectus.

  12. I have two years work experience but not with the same employer. Do I qualify for the Part Time Ph.D. Programme?
    Yes, but you would need to produce an NoC from your current employer.

  13. Do I have to produce No Objection Certificate from my employer at the time of the interview?
    Yes. In case of difficulty do consult the HSS office.

  14. Am I allowed to continue working while being enrolled as a Part Time student?
    You can continue to work. But you would need to attend lectures which may be scheduled during working hours.

  15. May I get sample question papers of admission test?
    Yes! Please visit here

  16. What should be the format of Preliminary Research Proposal?
    It should be in a 800 word writeup indicating the following  Research Objectives, State of existing research in the chosen area, Novelty of the proposed research and methodology.

  17. Should the Research Proposal include References/ Bibliography?
    Yes. However, References can be over and above the 800 word for the proposal.

  18. How can I be sure that a particular faculty member at the HSS would be interested in supervising my Ph.D. Project?
    Do look up the faculty research interests on the HSS Department webspace. You are welcome to get in touch with a particular faculty member in advance.

  19. The process for submission of the Research Proposal requires the applicant to choose the discipline for the Entrance Exam from among: Economics, Literature, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, Linguistics, Technology in Society etc. Does it mean that the proposal should be related to any of these disciplines? Or can one include disciplines like public administration, political science etc?
    The HSS houses faculty members belonging to Economics, Linguistics, Literature, Philosophy, Psychology, and Sociology. Please check the faculty homepages for more details on faculty research interests. It is possible to work on an interdisciplinary area with shared faculty interests (eg. Technology in Society). Please mention the discipline/ interdisciplinary area in which you would appear for in the first round of the selection procedure. In certain cases it may be possible for research scholars to undertake projects co-supervised by an HSS faculty and an expert outside the HSS. But in all such cases at least one HSS faculty member must share a research interest and competence in the project.

  20. I am unable to reach IITD on the scheduled day of the written test/ interview. Can the written test/ interview be rescheduled?
    Due to a very large number of applicants we are unable to consider any request for rescheduling the written test. Candidates who clear the written test will be invited for the interview the following day.

  21. What are the documents that I need to carry with me during the interview?
    The list of documents is specified in the "Information Brochure" on the IIT Delhi website.

  22. How will I learn about the results of the interview?
    The results will be put up on the HSS Department notice board after the end of the interview procedure. The results will be uploaded onto the IITD website It has been advised to carry attested copies of all the original documents.

  23. Is it possible to obtain a break-up of the total fees to be deposited?
    Please call the number mentioned in the prospectus for further clarification.


Admission Form related queries?

There is no option to fill in "Discipline" after selecting "Department"
Select "PhD Humanities and Social Sciences" and specify further details under "Proposed Research Area"

In Ph.D admission form,under heading "proposed area of research" what we are expected to write?
You can specify the disciplinary, sub-disciplinary or interdisciplinary area in not more than a few words. Do not enter your the title of your proposed thesis here.

In Ph.D admission form,under heading "Statement of Purpose and Abstract of Thesis " what we are expected to upload?

You have to fill “Thesis Title” of your Qualifying degree in that option. If there was no Thesis in your qualifying degree, you may fill ‘N.A.’ in the column.  "Statement of Purpose" is a document in which you can describe the purpose of your research work in a particular area. It should be in a 800 word write up indicating the following – Research Objectives, State of existing research in the chosen area, Novelty of the proposed research and methodology.

More admission form related FAQs here.

If you still have questions you may write to

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