Areas of Specialisation, PhD admission

Areas of Specialisation


Positive Psychology, Social Psychology, Intergroup relations, Social
identity, Group based emotions, Social Psychology of Caste, Collective
action and Social Change, Psychology of Humiliation, Stigma and
Well-being, Leadership, Cognition, Cognitive Neuroscience, Emotion, Judgment and Decision
Making, Valuation of gains and losses.



Agrarian Studies, Anthropology of the State, Dalit and Tribal studies,
Development Studies, Environmental Sociology, Globalization,
Migration, New Media Studies, Political Sociology/ Anthropology,
Sociology of culture, Sociology of Food and Nutrition, Sociology of Markets, Sociology of Movements, Sociology of Religion, Sociological Theory, Urban
Sociology, Sociology of Gender, Demographic Anthropology, Research
Methods, Digital and Visual Sociology



Moral and Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Law, Metaphysics of the
Self, Aesthetics, Philosophy of Culture and History, Contemporary
Indian and Western Thought, History of Ideas, Film and Philosophy,
Philosophy of Literature, Deep Ecology, Buddhism and Politics, Exile
and Travel, Religion and Politics, Peace Studies, Tibetan Literature
and Politics, Ethnicities and Margins, Children and Literature,
Interdisciplinary interfaces with themes in Economics, Sociology,
History, Psychology, Biology and Science and Technology Studies, Philosophy of Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence, Philosophy of Science, Epistemology



Microeconomic theory, Game theory, Mechanism design, Decision theory,
Development Economics, Issues in India's economic development, Labour and Employment, Issues in India's Macroeconomy.



Theoretical Syntax, Morpho-Syntax, Phonology, Computational linguistics, Psycholinguistics.



Authorship, Book History, Contemporary Fiction, The City and Literature, Digital Humanities, Feminist Thought, Indian English Literature, Literature and Cinema, Narratology, Performance and Theatre Studies, Philosophy of Literature, South Asian Literature, Twentieth century Literature.

Multi-disciplinary Areas

Technology in Society [POSITIONS OPEN]



Note: Candidates interested in Science and Technology Studies are encouraged to apply.