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Cognitive and Behavioural Sciences Laboratory

Cognitive and Behavioural Sciences Laboratory used as Teaching Aid for Psychology Courses (UG & PG), and Testing Personality and Various Cognitive Processes and Training programmes in related areas such as Stress Management, Managerial Personality, Managerial Communication, Team Building and various other Psychological Measurements.

The lab has an EEG system containing 32 Ag/AgCl electrodes. To enable data collection with both ease and precision, the earlier 16 electrodes have been upgraded (Model No MP100 –Bio-pacsystems Inc., CA, USA). Data collection with the new 16 electrodes can be accomplished with the aid of this additional EEG capacity. A Faraday Cage is also installed in the laboratory to prevent external electromagnetic interference with our neural recordings. The AcqKnowledge Software Version 3.8.1 is used for data acquisition and analysis. Courses like Psychology Laboratory, Minor Projects, and Special Module in Cognitive Psychology are taught with the help of this system and preliminary research on the neural basis of behaviour in student projects. The department employs one technical assistant in the Behavioural & Cognitive Sciences Laboratory.

The Department is also involved in other teaching related activities. The HUSS faculty now organizes the English Language Proficiency Test based assessment for all the first year students, before term begins in August. It also organizes them according to language needs and manages the Human Resource for both the lab and the lecture-based teaching of the course. 'Special Help' students are given attention over and above the standard class attendance requirement for passing the course. In just under six months, the Department has ably replaced the services of outside agencies like The British Council and become self-sufficient in these tasks.

In addition, Department conducts a 'foreign language programme' and offers fee-paying Certificate Courses in German, French, Spanish and Japanese, under the QIP/CEP initiative, for students as well as outside professionals.

HUSS faculty members have been very involved in the creation of teaching materials for their own disciplines for learners of various levels. These materials range from an NCERT Class12 textbook, a monograph on Indian economy soon to be transformed into a textbook and NPTL courses with video lectures.