Godroads: Modalities of Conversion in India

Peter Berger
Sarbeswar Sahoo
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Cambridge University Press
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Dynamics of conversion and religious change more generally are extremely complex, yet it is crucial for contemporary societies to understand them. This volume contributes to this understanding by focussing on the processes and modalities of conversion within, between and across various religious traditions (Hinduism, Islamic reforms, Christianity, indigenous religions) from a multi-disciplinary perspective, including anthropology, sociology, religious studies, history and theology. While the book deals with Indian case studies, the introduction, preface (by Piers vitebsky) and afterword (by aparecida vilaça) also offer a comparative perspective linking the Indian situation to contexts of conversion in other parts of the world. The introduction not only provides an overview of important research on conversion in India, It also intends to advance the General theoretical reflection on conversion, considers analytical tools for further research and discusses the work of important theorists such as Pierre bourdieu, Joel Robbins and Marshall sahlins who are not generally referred to in debates on conversion in India.