Advanced International Trade | Humanities & Social Sciences

Advanced International Trade

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For UG students--any ONE of: HUl212, HUL213, HUL311, HUL312, HUL211, HUL314, HUL318, HUL320

Course Objective

This is an advanced level course in trade. The objective of this course would be to give adequate training to graduate students in economics (and related disciplines) to bring them to the forefront of knowledge in international trade and prepare them to undertake independent work in the areas of trade theory and policy.

Course Content

The contents of this course will include topics such as - Ricardian and Hecksher-Ohlin models, their extension to many goods and factors, the role of tariffs, quotas, and other trade policies, trade under imperfect competition, outsourcing, political economy, multinationals, trade and growth, gravity equation, organization of the firms, etc.

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