Agrarian Societies and Rural Development | Humanities & Social Sciences

Agrarian Societies and Rural Development

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For UG students: Any ONE course from HUL 271, HUL 272, HUL 275, HUL 281, HUL 286, HUL 371, HUL 372, HUL 375, HUL 376, HUL 377, HUL 378 OR HUL 380 OR any new 200 or 300 level Sociology course floated in future. For PG students: None

Course Objective

This course will introduce students to inter-disciplinary perspectives on agriculture and rural development across the world using historical and contemporary sources.


Course Content

The course will introduce students to theories related to agriculture and development including modernization theory, the rational peasant, moral economy, the agrarian question, modes of production debates, peasantry as a class, etc. Readings from the history of agriculture in various countries including the United States, Asia, Africa and India will be taught in comparative perspective. The course will help students understand the economic, social, cultural, ecological, political dimensions to the agrarian question, especially in the light of urbanization and globalization over the last 150 years.

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