Agrarian Societies and Transformation | Humanities & Social Sciences

Agrarian Societies and Transformation

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Course Objective

• To familiarize students with the debates around agrarian societies and their origins
• To help students understand the problems around simplistic binaries of rural/urban or agrarian/industrial
• To train students to think critically and write effectively about concepts and ideas related to agrarian political economy
• To build a comparative perspective on the agrarian question and its implications for social life
• To help students think about the connections between agrarian histories, emergent futures and policy directions.

Course Content

The course explores questions of capitalist relations in agrarian societies, the narratives of resistance that emerge and how they enable alternate conceptions of agrarian sociality. The course will enable students to challenge the commonplace distinction between the rural and urban, while drawing on theoretical debates on the transformation of agrarian societies, and critical examinations of the relationship between land, market, labour, and agrarian futures.

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