Authorship and Copyright

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No prerequisite for PhD. For UG any ONE of the following: HUL331, HUL332, HUL333, HUL334, HUL335, HUL336, HUL338, HUL340, HUL351, HUL352, HUL353, HUL354, HUL355, HUL356, HUL357, HUL358, HUL359, HUL360, HUL375

Course Objective

Students would understand the emergence of the concept of the author and its linkages to the coming of print. Students should also be able to make a link between the concept of the author genius and the emergence of copyright laws.


Course Content

The course would study the history of the print while keeping in perspective the changes in transmission of knowledge brought about by changes in technologies of representation – oral, manuscript, print. The coming of print is accompanied by the regulation of knowledge circulation by systems of profit. This amalgamation leads to the emergence of the idea of copyright which is further strengthened by the conceptualisation of the author as a genius. The course will study the prospects of the concepts of the author and copyright in the digital age.

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