Contemporary Critical Theory

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For PhD students: No prerequisites For all other students: Any one of the following: HUL331, HUL332, HUL333, HUL334, HUL335, HUL336, HUL337, HUL338, HUL339, HUL340

Course Objective

This course will engage the student in an in-depth study of one or more theoretical positions which are adopted in literary criticism – such as, structuralism, postructuralism and deconstruction, postmodernism, Marxism, psychoanalysis, gender studies, postcolonialism, culture studies.

Course Content

A particular theoretical position would be explored through the detailed study of selected work which trace the history of the development of that critical position. The study would also include the analysis of a text which would illustrate the critical position being studied.

Detailed course contents would be announced by the course coordinator at the time of offering the course.

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