Data analysis for Psycholinguistics using R

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HUL 242 and HUL 381 for UG

Course Objective

On the successful completion of this course, a student will be able to independently use R for analyzing standard psycholinguistic experimental data. The data can pertain to measures such as reaction time, eye-fixation measures, grammaticality judgments, correct-incorrect question response etc. In addition, the course will also equip the student with experimental-data visualization techniques.

Course Content

The course will comprise of 4 broad themes. In the 1st part of the course we will introduce the basics of R. R syntax and its libraries will be extensively used for other parts of the course. In the 2nd part we will introduce basics of statistics that are needed for understanding ideas of frequentist-based hypothesis testing methods. We will then move on to linear regression which will form the background using which we introduce linear-mixed models in the final section of the course. The course will also provide assignments and projects where the students can practice the course content and apply the learnt concepts to real experimental data.
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