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Education and Society

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Course Objective

The course introduces students to theories and critical perspectives pertaining to multiple sites and practices of education. It explores the processes that bring education in relationship with varied social structures such as caste, class, gender and race. Students will also be engaging with ethnographic studies from diverse social and cultural contexts to understand questions of inequality, aspirations, and mobility in schooling, higher education and informal learning. The course will situate cultures of learning and the making of ‘knowledge economy’ in the neoliberal context. It will tackle questions of inequality and access that have come to acquire a much greater significance in educational policy in the post-covid world.

Course Content

Education and the social order; ideas of education; Pedagogy and praxis in education; curriculum and critical thinking; Social reproduction: cultures of learning and labour; Sites of agency and resistance; Higher Education: Aspirational cultures and the University; Writing the personal in education; Education in policy

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