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Ethnographic Research Methods

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Course Objective

This course seeks to train PG students in ethnographic methods of research in sociology and social anthropology. The course will engage with theoretical, philosophical and methodological debates that have framed the ethnographic project. Issues and challenges in ethnographic research will be discussed in addition to framing academic debates on questions of reflexivity, subjectivity and representation. The course will also introduce students to some of the basic tools of ethnographic research, such as participant observation.


Course Content

This course introduces students to the theory and practice of ethnography. Issues of representation, reflexivity, and subjective experience render challenges to the presumed ‘objectivity’ of social science research. The course engages with debates on ethnographic representation from the early development of social anthropology through to feminist, postcolonial and postmodern critiques. It addresses questions of ethics and subjectivity in the conduct of ethnographic fieldwork. The course addresses conceptual issues of how to locate the ‘field’ as well as the practice of conducting ethnographic research through tools such as participant observation, oral histories, multi-sited fieldwork and more.
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