Functions of Satire | Humanities & Social Sciences

Functions of Satire

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HUL 338
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Any TWO courses from HUL2XX category
Allocation Preferences: HUL231, HUL232, HUL235, HUL236, HUL237, HUL240,
HUL239, HUL256

Course Objective

Satire is a classical genre that has thrived over the centuries in almost all languages and cultures, and is found in a range of media. Life, in all aspects, everyday provides grist to the mill of satire, but does satire change anything? How do we define satire? Why is it considered the social genre? What are the contemporary forms of satire? Who can practice satire? It draws upon diverse techniques such as allegory, irony, caricature and laughter. Through analyses of examples, this course will familiarize students with satirical sub-genres and related literary practices, such as parody, burlesque, black humour, the grotesque, coarse humour, high and low comedy. It will examine the structure of satire, its relation with community, democracy and matters of gender, race, and religion.


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