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Gender and Society

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Course Objective

The course will familiarize students with contemporary conceptual understandings of gender and its relationship with other dimensions of human social life. It will explore the relationship between ‘sex’ and gender and focus on the socio-cultural processes that produce gendered identities in time and space. It will further examine the relationship of gender and gendered identities with work and economy, family, kinship, reproduction, marriage, religion and the political sphere.


Course Content

Sex and gender; masculinities, gender as performance and identity; sexuality and gender identities, masculinity and femininity. Hegemonic masculinity; Inter-sections of gender and race, ethnicity, caste and class. Institutionalization of gender via the state, family, marriage, religion etc.; the political economy of gender relating to reproduction, care, work and property. Issues of gender inequality, patriarchal oppression, violence, voice and agency.

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