History and Systems of Psychology | Humanities & Social Sciences

History and Systems of Psychology

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Any TWO HUL2xx courses

Course Objective

This course will provide a bird’s eye view of the emergence and development of psychology as a formal ‘scientific’ and ‘modern’ discipline. It traces the history of the origins of the discipline, in both ancient and modern times. It also traces the growth of the discipline in modern India. Students will learn about the major perspectives in psychology and the individuals responsible for articulating them.

Course Content

The courses will focus on the following: Approaches to historical investigation, Is Psychology a Science? Eastern Traditions in Psychology, Ancient Greece: Early Greek explanations of human activity, Plato, Socrates and Aristotle, Rome, Middle Ages and Renaissance, Empiricism, Sensationalism and Positivism, Nineteenth century bases of Psychology, Major Systems of Psychology, Critical perspectives in Psychology, History of Psychology in India, Psychology in 21st century:Crisis and Challenges
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