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Industrial Economics

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For UG students: HUL212&HUL311

Course Objective

The course provides a graduate level introduction to Industrial Organization. It is designed to provide a broad introduction to topics that current researchers are studying in the areas of industrial organization. It will expose students to a wide variety of techniques in the area of industrial economics and applied game theory. The course will try to integrate theoretical models as well as empirical studies on industries.

Course Content

The course aims to formalize microeconomic treatment of industry and firm's behaviour, decision-making in consumer's choice problems, rationality theory (as well as its exceptions). Emphasis will be put to conceptualize various aspects of firm's and consumer's choice. Market structures, pricing under alternative market structures, market power and concentration will also form an integral part of the course. Behavioural and strategic aspects of the agents would be emphasized in various cases e.g. auctions, economic networks etc.

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