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International Economics

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For UG students--any ONE of: HUL211, HUL212, HUL213, HUL311, HUL312, HUL314, HUL318, HUL320

Course Objective

This course deals with international trade and finance, covering both the theoretical models and policy experiences. The course will help students understand questions such as how and why countries trade with each other and on how the globalization of finance poses challenges to macroeconomic policymaking. It will also cover historical and contemporary issues in in-ternational economics.

Course Content

This course discusses the various theories on trade, including the Ricardian and Heckscher-Ohlin models. It deals with instruments of trade policies, and also the political economy issues such as trade agreements under the WTO. It examines how international trade affect developing countries, with a particular emphasis on the Indian case. Further, the course will trace the emergence of the international monetary system, including the international gold standard and the Bretton Woods system. The ascent of global finance and its implications for macroeconomic policymaking will be covered in this course. Theories on finance, financial regulation and financial crises will also be discussed in this course.

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