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Macro Development Economics

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For HUSS PG students: Macroeconomics-1 (code: HSL5xx) For UG students--any ONE of: HUl212, HUL213, HUL311, HUL312, HUL211, HUL314, HUL318, HUL320

Course Objective

This is a graduate course in development economics from macroeconomic perspective. The objective of the course will be to understand topics of interest in the intersection between development economics and applied macroeconomics. The course requires basic understanding of the workhorse models of modern macroeconomics and some applied skills at the level of intermediate econometrics.

Course Content

This course covers the following topics: significance of agriculture in developing countries, poverty and population issues facing the world, international trade, and importance of foreign aid, poverty and income distribution, the role of geography and institutions, fertility and population growth, the role of credit markets and microfinance, health and nutrition, education, female empowerment, the meaning and measurement of economic development, etc.
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