Minimalist Architecture of Grammar

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HUL 742: Transformational Theories of Language Or prior permission of the course co-ordinator

Course Objective

This course will introduce students to most recent generative/transformational theories of syntax of languages. It will start with the basic assumptions of the Principles and the Parameters Approach, highlighting some aspects of Chomsky’s 1981 Government and Binding Theory. It will then move on to the main tenets of the Minimalist Paradigm for language and the motivations behind this major shift from an explanatorily adequate system to a ‘beyond’ explanatory model.

Course Content

his is an advanced course in theoretical syntax and will benefit students interested in learning more about recent generative syntactic theories. There are two main objectives of the course: a) to provide the rationale for the ‘Strong Minimalist Thesis: language as an optimal system’; and, b) to learn to generate syntactic structures using fewer transformations/operations and features and, with stronger economy considerations. On finishing the course, students will be familiar with both theoretical (substantive) aspects of the minimalist architecture of grammar, as well the technical (methodological) know-how of the system.
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