Modern Indian Theatre

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Course Objective

The main objective of this course is to bring into focus the history and relationship of urban theatre in India with the past and to examine it changing and contested relationship to modernity.
The course will examine the trends and developments in Post Independence urban theatre and also look closely at its political aspects that have questioned social and authoritarian structures through aesthetic form and content.
We will also try and locate modern Indian urban theatre within a comparative framework of post-colonial theatrical practices from different locations such as Africa, the Caribbean etc.

Course Content

• History of modern Indian theatre through its relationship with colonial to post-colonial and nationalist concerns. • Understanding the concept of modernity and its contested and changing forms in urban Indian theatre. • Examining the trajectory of modern Indian theatre from the formation of institutions such as the National School of Drama as well as movements such as IPTA. • The negotiation of modern theatre with its colonial and pre-colonial past – the Theatre of Roots. • The impact and influence of the Parsi Theatre and the Marathi Sangeet Nataks. • Development and concerns of original English theatre in India. • Studies of individual plays and playwrights within the aesthetic and political context of their productions.
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