Organizational Behaviour | Humanities & Social Sciences

Organizational Behaviour

Course Number: 
HUL 362
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Any TWO courses from HUL2XX category
HUL261, HUL265, HUL267

Course Objective

Introduction to organizational behaviour, Historical development of the field and some challenges in contemporary times, Learning and perceptual processes in organizations and their implications for work-life,Work related attitudes- job satisfaction, organizational commitment, organizational justice, organizational citizenship behaviour, Individual differences related to personality, emotions and abilities and functioning in organization, Group processes in organizations, Formation of groups and teams, Effective teams, Communication in organizations, Social influence processes in organizations, influencing people, power dynamics and politics and impact on organizational functioning, Theories and styles of leadership in organization and their impact on organizational functioning, Organizational ethos and culture and its impact on productivity and well- being, Various kinds of organizational structures and their effectiveness, managing organizations in times of change.

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