Perspectives on Development in India | Humanities & Social Sciences

Perspectives on Development in India

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Multi. Disc.


For UG students: ONE course out of (HUL 212, HUL 213, HUL 311, HUL 312, HUL 314, HUL 315, HUL 316, HUL 318, HUL 320 OR any new 200 level or 300 level Economics Courses floated in future) AND ONE course out of (HUL 271, HUL 272, HUL 275, HUL 281, HUL 286,

Course Objective

A critical examination of the the planning and development processes in India from multiple disciplinary perspectives.


Course Content

This seminar course will undertake a critical examination of the development process in India. The course introduces students to a historical overview of social, economic and political issues related to the ideas of development and growth. Starting from notions of improvement mooted under the colonial regime, to the processes of planning in independent India, the radical new agrarian policy of the 1960s and 70s, down to the era of liberalization in the 1990s and beyond, the course familiarises students with the political economy of development in India. It uses inter-disciplinary sources and texts to expose students to multiple ways of understanding and analyzing problems. Other topics covered include poverty and inequality, economics of discrimination (gender and caste) and the conflicts over land and natural resources in the 21st century.
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