Research Methods in Economics | Humanities & Social Sciences

Research Methods in Economics

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HUL 735
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Either HUL701 or HUL 707 or HUL736 OR HUL738 or HUL754 or HUL755 or or HUL761 or HUL762

Course Objective

This course will introduce students to methods of quantitative economic research using primary and secondary data source. The purpose is to provide training for Ph.D. scholars in the department


Course Content

The course will cover theory and practice of doing applied research in economics, with special emphasis on primary and secondary data uses. The course will familiarize students with sampling techniques, questionnaire design, implementation of field-based studies, including randomized controlled trials. Students will be provided training in STATA for carrying out data analysis, including use of data sets such as the National Sample Survey, National Family Health Survey, Indian Human Development Survey. Students will be expected to design and implement a small study during the course of the semester and will be evaluated on this.

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