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Research Seminar in Economics

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Course Objective

This research seminar course provides a forum for students to discuss and generate ideas on issues related to a variety of economic problems. Students conduct an in-depth study of a research topic of their choice under the guidance of faculty members. This prepares the students to undertake project work in subsequent semester. Discussion of issues with experts in the field of research is the central component of this course. Attending talk by faculty members, PhD scholars and invited speakers in seminar series is compulsory. The students will be asked to prepare review report of a paper presented in the seminar. They learn to work in discussion groups, debate and problem solve on selected issues. In the research seminar, the students are given an opportunity to integrate their knowledge, skills and practical experience gained in the program.

Course Content

Current trends in research in economics, practices and professional standards of research, organising research output, dissemination process, review and editorial process

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