Science, Technology and Society | Humanities & Social Sciences

Science, Technology and Society

Course Number: 
HUL 371
LTP structure: 
Multi. Disc.


Any TWO courses from HUL2XX category
HUL271, HUL272, HUL274 HUL275, HUL276, HUL281, HUL286, HUL289, HUL290

Course Objective

The course will begin with social theories on the production of technology and scientific knowledge systems, stratification within the community of technologists and scientists, discrimination (race, class, gender, caste) and the role of power in shaping the production of technology and scientific knowledge. Scientific controversies, both historical and emerging, and the organization of innovation and its geographies will be discussed. Case studies exploring ethical questions arising from new technologies such as information technology, nanotechnologies, biotechnologies, etc. will be used. Discussions on public understanding of science and role of the public and of experts in influencing policies related to science and technology will conclude the course.


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