Social and Cultural Construction of Emotions | Humanities & Social Sciences

Social and Cultural Construction of Emotions

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Cognitive Processes: From Labs to Fields

Course Objective

This course will introduce theory and research on emotions, with a focus on the social and cultural underpinnings of mental processes that guide emotion appraisal, regulation and expression. We will draw on research in social, and cognitive psychology, as well as social and affective neuroscience and philosophy. Students in this class will be directly exposed to major theoretical debates and empirical developments in the emotion research. Discussion will range across multiple levels of analysis, from neuro-cognitive and physiological to the social and the cultural. Students will learn about the general aspects of emotions as well as the role of specific emotions such as anger, guilt, shame, humiliation, disgust and schadenfreude in social relations.


Course Content

The courses will focus on the following: Introduction: understanding social and cultural construction of emotions, models of emotion appraisal and regulation, emotion as discourse, social neuroscience of emotions, group-based emotions, specific emotions: anger, guilt and shame, schadenfreude, disgust and humiliation, cultural differences in emotion.

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