From Text to Film

Course Number: 
HUL 334
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Any TWO courses from HUL2XX category
Allocation Preferences: HUL231, HUL232, HUL235, HUL236, HUL237, HUL240,

Course Objective

The course will involve a detailed study of 3-4 texts and their corresponding adaptations into film. By means of close reading, analysis, and discussion, it will seek to identify the changes that take place during the process of adapting one art-form into another and ask why those modifications occur. An evaluation of what each art-form enables and what it restricts or denies will enable a better understanding of form per se, and of these two forms in particular. Further, the course will address the question of genre and its conventions especially with regard to film, and observe the extent to which generic expectations shape the process of adaptation of text into film. Film screenings will be held outside class hours in the evenings.

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