Themes in Modern Indian Thought

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Course Objective

This course will provide students an opportunity to study in detail the themes that have been prominent in modern Indian thought across a range of genres and media. Texts chosen might be speeches, letters, manifestoes, essays, novels, short stories, poetry, film, drama etc. Our aim will be to understand the force, significance and complexity of the concepts and themes that have shaped modern India.

Course Content

This course will focus on significant themes in modern Indian thought (Equality, Freedom, Sexuality, Gender, Caste, Religion, Violence, Modernity, Education, the Arts etc) and introduce students to major works that engage the specific theme(s) that have been chosen. Works studied may be cinematic, theatrical, fictional or non-fictional. The course will study both the genealogy of significant concepts in modern Indian thought (examining English as well as non-English language materials) as well as the range of debate about these concepts and their deployment. The course is envisaged as an interdisciplinary course, though we will pay close attention to questions of reading, textuality and interpretation. Lecture outline given for a possible course on gender and sexuality., as ONE possible example of a theme that could be pursued.
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