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Tools for Sociological Research

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Course Objective

This main objective of this course is to introduce PhD students to a set of tools for empirical research in Sociology in particular, but it would also be useful for other disciplines in social sciences such as Economics, Psychology and Policy Studies.

Course Content

In this course, the students will be introduced to mixed methods research (quantitative and qualitative). They will be familiarized with specific modes of observation such as surveys, focus group discussions, interviews, and participatory rural appraisal, followed by designing specific tools of data collection such as questionnaires and interview protocols for different modes of observation. Special emphasis will be given to household surveys and data from large surveys such as census, NFHS, NSS, migration and urban surveys. This will be followed by elementary data analysis techniques and inferential statistics, converting qualitative data into quantitative data and the use of qualitative data analysis software.

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