Understanding the Social Being | Humanities & Social Sciences

Understanding the Social Being

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HUL 364
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Any TWO courses from HUL2XX category HUL261, HUL265, HUL267

Course Objective

The social being- introducing the social psychological approach, Historical roots, theories and methods. Person and social perception and social judgements. Social cognition and social thinking. The social self- cognitive, affective and behavioural aspects of self. Positive social behaviours- altruism, cooperation and volunteerism. Individuals in groups-social facilitation, loafing, conformity, compliance. Social influence, manipulation and power- bases of power. Intergroup relations- explanations and managing intergroup relations. Collective behaviour- crowds and mobs- negative and positive aspects of collective behaviour. Aggression and violence- theories and determinants. Reducing aggression and violence. Applications of social psychology- health and well-being, law and organizational contexts.


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