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Urban Ethnography

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Course Objective

• Students will understand the processes in the making of the ‘urban’, as habitat, space and culture, and also as an object of study from an anthropological perspective.
• Examine the concepts around the urban – such as urbanism, urbanisation- and their applicability in cities of the global south
• Gain theoretical knowledge of urban anthropology/sociology, and gendered perspectives on the ‘urban question’, and demonstrate a critical understanding of theories of urbanization, population movements and colonialisation
• Students will learn to critically examine diverse contexts and experiences of marginalisation and exclusion in the cities of the global North and South. They will be able to examine the social forces in the processes of marginalisation.
• To explore the methodological implications of ethnographic research in urban contexts. This will be done through a close reading of some ethnographies of urban life in diverse geographic locations to gain familiarity with local and global urban settings.

Course Content

The course builds an anthropological perspective on the organization and governance of cities and the myriad experiences of urban life. It will engage critically with theories of urban development, urban space, and urban experience. While most of these theories emerge from the developed Western cities, the course will attempt to draw on urban ethnographic work in India and the global South to explore how emerging concepts and ideas from these post-colonial, developing, and marginal contexts engage with the theories and concepts from Western cities. The course also draws on methodological insights of studying the ‘urban’.

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