Workshop in Creative Writing

Course Number: 
HUL 336
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Any TWO courses from HUL2XX category
Allocation Preferences: HUL231, HUL232, HUL235, HUL236, HUL237, HUL240,

Course Objective

The course will begin by seeking to distinguish the notion of 'creative' writing. It will contrast this heterogeneous category with other kinds of writing such as the 'functional' writing found in text-books and reportage. Through an analysis of various techniques of writing - in master-texts as well as students' own productions - the course will explore why and how literary texts continue to be a prime source of emotional and intellectual stimulation across cultures. As far as possible, the course will focus on contemporary writing, given that writers write in the 'here and now' even as they imagine the future or return to past memories. Selected readings will be used to focus students' attention on that most difficult of problems: to acquire a style of writing that makes a writer's 'voice' both unique and universal. Finally, students will be required to write in some genre(s) of their choice. These genres will include the classic areas of poetry, fiction and play-writing but will neither exclude non-fiction genres like the essay and biography nor forms of writing thrown up by the 'new media' such as blogs, photo-essays and narrative-writing for story-boards and video-games.

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