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Course Number: HSL582
Credit: 3.0
Course Objective:

This course will introduce students to the intellectual and epistemological aspects of methods in the humanities and social sciences. Through this course, students will learn to critically examine the relationship between researcher, researched, and the knowledge produced across varied methods... Read more

Course Number: HSL784
Credit: 3.0
Course Objective:

The course would introduce humanities and social science research scholars to specialized methods of acquiring, analyzing and visualizing humanities data. It will help them conceptualize data oriented thinking as a viable research method as well as adopt an informed, critical approach to an... Read more

Course Number: HSN590
Credit: 4.0
Course Objective:

• formulate different components of academic writing
• appreciate different styles and possibilities in academic writing
• plan their writing through conceptualization, outline, rough draft, revising, editing
• Reconstruct and synthesize arguments and information from different... Read more