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Linguistics aims to discover the forms, rules and representations that underlie human languages. The Linguistics unit housed within IIT Delhi engages with questions pertaining to the production and comprehension of language. Between the faculty members and the students here, we cover a wide range of interests that spans from phonology, syntax to computational linguistics as well as psycholinguistics.

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The Literature unit at HSS comprises seven members who, between them, have a wide range of interests. These converge around the broad areas of theatre, urban studies, narratology, postcoloniality, Indian literary and political thought, literary and critical theory. Much of the research undertaken is inter-disciplinary in scope, with several of the faculty members actively participating in other units such as Philosophy, Linguistics and Sociology. The unit teaches a wide array of courses on contemporary and modernist literature, Indian writing in English and in translation, drama, poetry and narrative art, among a number of others.


The core philosophy faculty of the HSS department are Sanil V., Bijoy Boruah, C A Tomy, Bharati Puri, Divya Dwivedi, and Arudra Burra; many other HSS faculty members also share philosophical interests, particularly in the areas of literature and linguistics. The unit encompasses a range of research interests, including philosophical aesthetics and the philosophy of literature, the philosophy of mind, consciousness, and cognition, the philosophy of psychoanalysis, moral and political philosophy, philosophy of language, philosophy of science, classical and contemporary Indian thought, peace studies, and studies of culture, religion, and politics.


The broad areas of research in Psychology unit are Social and applied social psychology (inter group relations, justice, collective participation and identity issues in social and organizational contexts), Organizational Behavior, Positive Psychology, Environmental Psychology , Cross-Cultural Psychology, Psychological Testing , Community Psychology, Cognitive Psychology and Experimental Psychology (memory, learning, affect, decision making).
The area utilizes lab-based methods as well as field-based approach towards research.