DOWNTIME - Sleep as performance | Humanities & Social Sciences

DOWNTIME - Sleep as performance

Tuesday Seminar
Amitesh Grover and Arnika Ahldag
Date and Time: 
Tue, 23/08/2016 - 12:00am
02:57 PM to 04:27 PM
HSS Committee Room (MS 610)


DOWNTIME is a performative quest to examine the phenomenon of sleep. Audience is invited to participate in carefully curated sleep events. To explore performance in contemporary sleep, participants visit private spaces, public territories, and navigate through personal narratives in a networked environment. They are encouraged to immerse themselves in the diversity and inconsistency of the sleeping experience today. This performance project highlights the practice of sleep as a socially constructed notion, and expands the definition of performance across nights, days, technologies, and sites.


Amitesh Grover and Arnika Ahldag are based in New Delhi, and make context driven performance and art projects. Their practice spans gatherings-as-performance, interactive-digital art & installations, urban-walkism, documentary-stagings, and occupational realism. Recent projects include ENCOUNTER 6134 (2014), DOWNTIME - Sleep as Performance (2014), NOTES ON MOURNING (2015-16).