Navigating the Mathematical and Novel Realities | Humanities & Social Sciences

Navigating the Mathematical and Novel Realities

HSS Occasional Seminar
Prof. Anilkumar Payyappilly Vijayan
Date and Time: 
Tue, 07/11/2023 - 11:00am to 1:00pm
01:02 PM to 02:02 PM
HSS Committee Room (MS 5th floor)


This inquiry probes Kundera's contention regarding the novel's metaphysical superiority over scientific inquiry in apprehending reality. It navigates the labyrinth of mathematical entities, questioning their fidelity as representations of the external realm, focusing on Zeno's paradox. The exploration extends to the interplay between the novel and scientific reasoning, unveiling potential harmonies or discordances in grasping existence. Delving into the parallels between quantum physics and literature, embodied by James Joyce, it disrupts certainties, ushering in the realm of uncertainty and probability. This reverberates with wider assaults on Cartesian certitude, unmasking a clandestine interweaving of intellectual pursuits and colonial subjugation. Further, it examines if Deleuze's enigmatic "pure difference" principle emancipates arts and sciences from the clutches of politics, presenting a singular perspective on identity and existence.”


a/nil, A-Nil, A Nil aka Anilkumar Payyappilly Vijayan is an associate professor of English at the Government Arts and Science College, Pathiripala, Palakkad. His doctoral thesis, from Kannur University, Untouchability of the Unconscious: Containment and Disfigurement of Dalit Identity in Malayalam Cinema, uses Lacanian psychoanalysis to inquire into the construction of Dalit identity in Malayalam cinema.