Translocal Learning for "Learning to Transform": A case on the international teacher training program on ESD between India and Japan

Tuesday Seminar
Aki Yonehara
Date and Time: 
Tue, 11/10/2022 - 3:30pm to 5:00pm
03:30 PM to 05:00 PM
HSS Committee Room (MS 610)

Tuesday Seminar

Abstract: This research is being developed based on the 2021 International Exchange Programme for Primary and Secondary School Teachers of Asia-Pacific Cultural Centre for UNESCO (ACCU). The purpose of this Programme is to "provide educators with a learning opportunity through international exchange and accelerate transformation of their values and behaviours" (ACCU 2020: 9). As one of possible ways to strengthen this goal, a concept of "Translocal Learning (TL)" (Kudo et al. 2020) was experimentally introduced into the 2021 Exchange Program between India and Japan. In order to analyze the impact and mechanism of TL on the international educational exchange program, this study employed the mixed methods and revealed statistically significant change of teachers after the Programme as well as qualitative transformation brought through TL experience. Bio: Aki Yonehara is a Professor of Sociology Department at Toyo University (Japan), teaching Global Sociology and Social Statistics. She received Ph.D. from Indiana University, USA, as a Fulbright Scholar and has been interested in public policy evaluation for education and human wellbeing at both domestic and international levels. In addition to academic works, she has also contributed to public policy/project as a JICA expert and a policy evaluator for the Japanese government.