Facilities | Humanities & Social Sciences


The Department houses two teaching laboratories: a language laboratory to help students improve their language and communication skills and a behavioural and cognitive science laboratory to train students in subjects like psychology and other allied behavioural sciences. Recently, linguists too have started using the equipment and space of the Lab for research. Both the laboratories have been constantly upgraded with the latest technology and equipment available.

Besides the Central library of the institute, the Department has its own library with a very good collection of books and journals that help strengthen the research of students and faculty members. Our current Department Library has also been resurrected and overhauled in the last five years, thanks to the persistent efforts of various faculty members. We have not only managed to re-open our Department Library which had been lying dormant, but have actually managed to catalogue the new and old books ordered by us, and started a lending and circulating system. The Departmental library is making efforts to build a corpus of essential texts and classics that can be consulted by the students and faculty. A good library is always the nucleus of a vibrant research ethos and we hope to improve ours by expanding and developing our library resources further. SPSS Package and the Emille Corpus of Spoken and Written data from the South Asian Languages are available in the Department.