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Naveen Thayyil

Naveen Thayyil
Associate Professor
Multi. Disc.

Contact Information

Phone: +91-11-26591368

Research Areas

1) Law, Techno-science and Democratisation: Regulatory issues in new and radical technologies, Democratisation of regulation of technology, Risk regulation, Use of ethics in technology regulation, Development of Technologies and Public contestations, and Public participation in regulation.

2) Environmental law and policy: International and comparative law, European Environmental Law, Biodiversity conservation, Traditional Knowledge systems, Forest governance.

3) Humanrights jurisprudence: Economic, Social and Cultural rights, Law and Development, Indigenous Peoples Rights, Public Interest Litigation and Judicial Activism, Intersection of WTO law with protection of health and environment.

4) Legal and democratic theory: Citizenship, Sovereignty, Public Sphere, Epistemic issues in the governance of technology, Reason and Resistance.

Academic Background

Naveen’s research interests lie at the intersection of Law and STS (science and technology studies), in three fields- Legal and political theory, environmental law and technology regulation. His interests lie in theorising and understanding how categories of law, technology and society shape each other, coupled with instrumental engagements around issues of regulation of technology for the protection of public health, environment and related rights that seek to 'democratise' society.

Employment History

Prior to joining the Department, he taught at the National Law School of India, Bangalore. He holds a Ph. D from the Tilburg Institute of Law Technology and Society at the University of Tilburg, the Netherlands. He was a Felix scholar between 2006-2007, when he pursued his Masters (LLM) from the University of London – jointly at SOAS, University College and Kings College London. Subsequent to his graduation from the National Law School of India, Bangalore in 2002 he practised public law in the Supreme Court and the High Court at Delhi.


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Teaching Areas

Naveen's teaching interests lie in the domains of ‘Legal theory and Jurisprudence’,’ Law and Technology’, ‘Science Technology and Society’, Sociological Approaches to Law’ and ‘International and Comparative Approaches to Environmental law’. Prior to joining IIT, Naveen has taught courses at National Law School of India, Bangalore and University of Tilburg, the Netherlands, and also lectured at the School of Law, Kings College London. The courses he has taught include ‘Law, Technology and Globalisation’, ‘International and European approaches to Biotechnology regulation’ and ‘Innovative Technologies, Risk and Regulation’.