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Sahiinii Lemaina Veikho

Sahiinii Lemaina Veikho
Assistant Professor
CV Summary: 

Sahiinii Lemaina Veikho is an Assistant Professor in Linguistics at the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. His research interests include acoustic and articulatory phonetics, computational historical linguistics, and the application of technology in language documentation. His research primarily focuses on the Trans-Himalayan languages spoken in the northeastern regions of India.

Contact Information

Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi
Hauz Khas, New Delhi-110016

Office: MS 604-B
5th floor, MS Building


Research Areas

--Acoustic Phonetics

-- Ultrasound Tongue Imaging

--Historical Phonology

--Technology for Language Documentation

--Trans-Himalayan Languages

NB: Prospective PhD candidates who are highly motivated and enthusiastic about acquiring new skills may reach out to discuss research plans. Basic programming skills (such as R and Python) are desirable.

Academic Background

-Postdoctoral Research Fellow : The French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), Paris

-PhD (Linguistics): University of Bern, Switzerland



-Grammar of Poumai Naga (Poula): A Trans-Himalayan Language of Northeast India (2021). Brill: Leiden. (

Peer Reviewed Articles:

-Veikho, Sahiinii Lemaina. Poumai Naga (submitted) (2023). The Oxford Guide to the Tibeto-Burman Languages. Kristine Hildebrandt, Yankee Modi, David Peterson and Hiroyuki Suzuki (eds.). Published by Oxford University Press.

-Monsang, S., Veikho, Sahiinii Lemaina. (2018). Sound System of Monsang. Himalayan Linguistics, 17(2). Published by University of California: California, USA (

-Veikho, Sahiinii Lemaina and Sarmah, Priyankoo (2018). Vowels and Tones in Poula. Linguistics of Tibeto-Burman Area, Volume 41:1. Published byJohn Benjamins Publishing Company: The Netherlands. (

-Mushahary, Jitamoni and Veikho, Sahiinii Lemaina (2016). A Note on Bodo phonology. Indian Linguistics, Volume 77, page 71-90.

-Veikho, Sahiinii Lemaina and Barika, Khyriem (2015). Poula phonetics and phonology: An initial overview. North East Indian Linguistics Vol. 7: 45-60.Canberra, Australian National University: Asia-Pacifc Linguistics Open Access (

-Veikho, Sahiinii Lemaina and Mushahary, Jitamoni (2015). Preliminary Acoustics Study of Vowels and Tones in Kokborok. In Nepalese Linguistics Vol. 30:161-166. (



-Veikho, Sahiinii Lemaina (2023), (Keynote Speaker) “Exploring the acoustic properties of tone in Trans-Himalayan languages” at the 27th International Symposium on Frontiers of Research in Speech and Music (FRSM-2023). Organized at National Institute of Technology, Surat, from the 4th to 5th August, 2023 (

-Veikho, Sahiinii Lemaina (2023), (Invited talk) “Diachronic Analysis of Angami-Pochuric languages Spoken in Northeast India” Jawaharlal Nehru University, Centre for Linguistics, February 20, 2023.

-Veikho, Sahiinii Lemaina (2022), (Invited guest talk) “Angami-Pochuric languages,an understudied clade of the Sino-Tibetan family” University of Munster, Germany, December 20, 2022. (

-Veikho, Sahiinii Lemaina (2019), (Invited guest talk) “Poumai Naga languages under the Angami-Pochuri clade” University of Zurich, Switzerland, October 17,2019. (


1) Analysis of tongue movements in the production of tone using ultrasound imaging technology (PI).
Funding agency: Seed Grant, IIT Delhi (2000000 INR) .
Duration: 3 years (2024-2027).


-The Young Faculty Incentive Fellowship, IIT Delhi (2023-2026)

-Individual Postdoctoral Fellowship, Endangered Languages Documentation Programme, Berlin (2022 to 2024), (Total Amount: €111805), grant reference no. IPF0383.

-Dr. Josephine De Karman Fellowship (2018-2019), Switzerland.

-Firebird Foundation for Anthropological Research Grant (USA). Amount: $7,025. Documentation of those endangered traditions of Poumai Naga. (2017-2018).